Thursday, August 13, 2015

this week's progress

I set myself some fairly aggressive goals for this week and guess what I made them..  Monday I went to a sewing group for the day.   I had a good visit with everyone and glad to see our leader Pat coming for awhile  she has been having health issues.  I worked on quilt as you go string blocks  and got 10 done. I know doesn't seem like much  but we quit early  about 2 pm  due to the heat. the building we meet in is a 4-H building with not air conditioning and can't forget lunch..

Tuesday I quilted a customer quilt, it was made from polyester squares, my longarm machine did not like it one bit so did straight line quilting on my Bernia 1230   it didn't mind.   this was one of two to do.      Then in the evening  Bonnie Hunter had quilt cam so I sewed more string blocks while listening.

Wednesday  I quilted the other polyester quilt  the same way as the other one..    Binding is one both of them and ready to deliver on Friday.

today I quilted another customer quilt  a baby quilt. Long arm liked that one.   Then did another one which took a little thinking to make the back fit the front.   Customer had designed it to but the back on the diagonal  so it just fit but that one is done too.

Now I can go away for the weekend and not think of what needs to be done that didn't get done..
I have my family reunion on Saturday in northwest Ill.  So glad we are trying to keep this going all of the parents are gone now  so it is the cousins to get together to visit once a year...   take potluck lunch and kids play in the park.

bye for now
Happy quilting
Sharon J

Monday, July 27, 2015

shop hop

on Thursday 4 of us started out on a shop hop  collecting row by row experience patterns/kits.  Then we got to Missouri and found out they were doing a shop hop along US 36 so we added those shops to our agenda.  We went across the state in 2 days     spent the night in Cameron MO  and went to Missour Star Quilt Co   Friday afternoon  amazing place.   We had a wonderful time. We plan to do this again next year..

baby quilts

now I can post pictures of the baby quilts I have made.  In June on got a great nephew and a great niece  9 days apart.  my 2 nieces that are sisters had these babies.  will be so nice for them to grow up together and they live close together.  I went to see them yesterday for the first time.   It was hard to wait but wanted to give the families time to settle in with a new baby.    We had a great day yesterday snuggling both of them   Here is a picture of them on their quilts.  Hope to see them again soon.

Monday, July 20, 2015


I hosted a retreat at my house this past weekend.  Had a great group of ladies attend.  they got a lot done.   I do the cooking and cleaning up  they just sew.   I am here to help them if they needed/wanted it.   Helped 2 ladies start a pineapple quilt from a panel  they bought the kits at LQS .   three of them brought featherweight machines to use.  makes me want to get mine out and sew on it....   maybe I will soon.      here is a picture of the lunch I made on Saturday  so fun to use different dishes  and fix pretty meals.  contact me to schedule your retreat and get a lot of sewing done.  

row by row experience

I have been working on the row by row experience  this is fun.  I have put together 8 rows  from 8 shops   now to get it quilted  hopefully today and tomorrow  so that I can get it to a shop that hasn't had a winner yet....   have acquired several kits for these  which I am going to make into wall hangings.  here is a picture of it unquilted.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

progress report

I haven't updated my project goal list for awhile so thought I would do that today.

Here is my list of projects for 20151
1.  double wedding ring quilt     ( most of blocks are made)
2. garden party quilt-embroidery  ( do the last 3 blocks)
3. hand applique basket quilt (2 blocks left to make)   working on block  9  last block 
4. DQG presidents quilt  ( put blocks together and finish)
5. opposite attract ( Put together and quilt)   top is done ready for quilting
6. serendipity quilt    ( put together and finish)  blocks are done
7. pizza box from Quilts etc. exchange  ( put blocks together and finish)
8. bible stories BOM    ( put together and finish)
9. purple fan quilt  ( quilt)
10. tulip wall hanging   (quilt)  done
11. back to nature BOM  (finish blocks and put together)
12. evening star quilt   (quilt)
13. machine applique table runner          Done  1/4 15

new projects for the year:
1. purple table runner for daughter            DONE  and delivered
2.  quilt for nephew Logan
3. baby quilt for new great niece #1  ready to sew the binding down
4. baby quilt for new great niece #2  ready to sew the binding down
5. grandpa's buzz saw quilt  for husband
6. kick the can quilt for daughter

7. bagello quilt for a class 

both of the babies are here so need to finish their quilts  then I can go see them..  of course they are both so cute...

yeah emptied one container.....     ready for a new project....

Friday, June 19, 2015

tavern blues blocks

I took a class last weekend in Olney Ill.  from Jean Shaw,  she is a great teacher.  As most of you know you don;t get a lot done in class but   everyone got one block done and started on a second one. I learned several great tips  which were worth the price of the class.   All of my blocks will be different accent fabric and the same background fabric.     the first picture is the one I did in class.  and I did 2 more blocks tonight the lighter blue one I started in class.     will be a great quilt when I am done.   Not sure when that will be but will keep working on it in between other projects.